11 Most Beautiful Waterfalls In Tamilnadu You Should Visit This Season

Basically, it’s just two gases- they call it hydrogen and oxygen but when they combine and begin to flow, magic can happen. And if they  fall from a great height, instead of doing anything drastic like committing suicide, they are actually delighting the minds of humans. Tamilnadu, with its amazing landscape, is also home to some of the most beautiful waterfalls in which the interplay of the two gases weave magic that pulls tourists in large numbers. Here are the most beautiful waterfalls in Tamilnadu to visit this season.

1. Monkey Waterfalls

Distance (From Coimbatore): 67 Km

iris_Monkey-fallsSource: flickr.com/ iris

Plunging from a height of 60 ft, water looks like a broad liquid wall more than anything. However, it is possible to take a bath at the bottom of the falls though it could be dangerous during the monsoons. Situated at a distance of 67 kms from Coimbatore, the Monkey Waterfalls is quite a spot for a nice day out.

2. Hogenakkal Falls

Distance (from Dharmapuri): 46 Km

Ashwin-Kumar_Hogenakkal-FallsSource: flickr.com/ Ashwin-Kumar

When something’s called the ‘Niagara of India’ you know that it’s not an average fall that you are going to walk towards. With the frothy white water swirling in a pool that’s beautifully violent, the Hogenakkal Falls doesn’t disappoint you by setting up over-expectations. Situated around 335 km from Chennai, the Hogenakkal has 14 channels with the plunge ranging between 15 and 65 ft.

3. Catherine Falls

Distance (From Coonoor): 20 Km

arkokhiker_CatherineSource: flickr.com/ arkokhiker

Situated 30 kms from Ooty, the Catherine Falls is the second largest waterfalls in the Nilgiris- the height we are talking about is an impressive 250 ft. Surrounded by beautiful forest, tea plantations and the sublime Mettupalayam plains, this is also a popular destination for trekking.

4. Siruvani Waterfalls

Distance (From Coimbatore Junction): 36 Km

Source: holidayiq.com_SiruvaniSource: holidayiq.com

Also known as the Kovai Kutralam Falls, these falls are situated in the Siruvani Hills of Tamil Nadu. The beautiful falls are to be found inside a dense forest and to reach them, a 4 km trek from the nearest road point is called for. But the fact that it’s just 36 km away from the Coimbatore Railway Station means that it’s not all that inaccessible for you to enjoy.

5. Silver Cascade

Distance (From Kodaikanal Central Bus Station): 8 Km

www.Source: remotetraveler.com_Silver-Cascade-FallsSource: remotetraveler.com

The plunge of Silver Cascade is 150 ft but it’s unsuitable for swimming. The falls are easily accessible from the main road, making this ideal for a family outing.

6. Bear Shola Falls

Distance (From Kodaikanal Central Bus Station): 3 Km

Source: indiantravel.coms_Bear-Shola-FallsSource: indiantravel.com

A waterfall from the top of which bears used to drink water might have a fairy-tale like charm  but that’s not all that makes the Bear Shola Falls so alluring. Just 3 km from Kodaikanal, it’s situated inside a Reserve Forest. The pathway from the road point to the falls leads you through forest the sights and sounds of which are a balm for the weary urbanite soul. The sight of the falls that greet you after the walk through the wilderness is synonymous to having a pleasant and welcoming presence at the end of a long journey. The best time to visit the falls is the monsoon.

7. Kumbakkarai Waterfalls

Distance (From Madurai): 85 Km

Source: trawell.com_-Kumbakkarai-WaterfallsSource: trawell.com

It’s usual for trekkers on their way to the Kodai hills to make base camp in the vicinity of the waterfalls. But even if you aren’t the trekking kind, it’s totally worth it to check out this wonderful falls that claims a height of 87 ft and which is situated amidst lush greenery that makes you think ‘Green carpet’ is more than a phrase that describe that colour of something that’s used in a home. In the vicinity of the waterfalls are a 500 year old temple the deity of which is the Goddess Thadagai Nachiamman and also an amusement park.

8. Thalaiyar Falls

Distance (From Kodaikanal): 40 Kms

Source: indiatravelpost.blogspot.com_Thalaiyar-FallsSource: indiatravelpost.blogspot.com

The kind of falls that would catch the fancy of the adventurous type, Thalaiyar Falls is pretty hard to access. Though, owing to the height of the falls-975 ft- you can see it at a great distance on the road towards Dindigul, the only way to access the falls is by taking a 6 km trek which is preceded by a 34 Km road journey on ghat road from Kodaikanal.The trip is totally worth it though. The fact that it’s the highest waterfalls in Tamil Nadu(third highest in India) ought to be enough to make you consider it.

9. Kalhatty Falls

Distance (From Ooty): 14 Km

Source: team-bhp.com_Kalhatty-FallsSource: team-bhp.com

Situated in the Kalhatty-Masinagudi slope that’s known for its rich presence of wildlife including panthers,wild buffaloes and spotted deer the Kalhatty falls is accessible through a private tea estate from the road.

10. Suruli Waterfalls

Distance (From Madurai): 123 Km

Source: flickr.com/ Vivian-Richards_Suruli-FallsSource: flickr.com/ Vivian Richards

The Suruli Falls have the rare distinction of being a round-the-year falls but the best time to visit is June till October. Apart from the 150 ft plunge of water there are 19 caves in and around the falls, including the famous Kailasanathar Temple Cave. It’s also the venue for the Summer Festival that’s organized by the Tamil Nadu Tourism Department every year. You have to take a 1-2 km trek from the nearest road to reach the falls.

11. Courtallam Falls

Distance (From Tenkasi Bus Station): 7 Km

Nellai-S-S-Mani_CoutallamSource: flickr.com/ Nellai-S-S-Mani

Known as the ‘Spa of South’ Courtallam Falls is one of the most popular waterfalls in Tamilnadu. There are nine waterfalls in Courtallam, the biggest of which is the Peraruvi.

A visit to a waterfall is one of the best remedies to beat the stress which is sadly inevitable in the modern life we have constructed for ourselves in the cities. The important thing is for these falls- and the habitats that make them possible- to remain intact. What with politico-economic initiatives insensitive to the environment and human apathy to nature, we are seeing many a part of our beautiful earth disappearing. Hopefully, these amazing waterfalls won’t meet with such a fate.

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