12 Amazing Pictures That Show Bangalore Then And Now

If there’s any one city that has transformed itself to a degree that amazes the world, it’s Bangalore. For that matter, these images that reveal the magnitude of the changes are a delight to go through.

1. Brigade Road

It’s hard to imagine that this commercial hub once used to be just a quite lane. But, there you have it…


Brigade Road | Source: indiatimes.com


Brigade Road | Source: excitingindia.in Source: excitingindia.in


2. Vidhana Soudha

The seat of the Karnataka state legislature, which was completed in 1956 is one of the most renowned landmarks in the city now.



Vidhana Soudha | Source: kla.kar.nic.inVidhana Soudha | Source: kla.kar.nic.in


Vhdhan Soudha | Source: trawell.inSource: trawell.in


3. Shivajinagar

Shivajinagar is just about the last place you’d go to get away from bustling crowds. But, that’s now. A few decades back, and you get a whole different story.

Past(in the 50’s)

shivajinagar in the 50s | Source: indiatimes.comShivajinagar in the 50s | Source: indiatimes.com



Shivaji Nagar | Source: civildefence.areasm.orgSource: civildefence.areasm.org


4. The Town Hall

This landmark has been standing proud since the 1930s. The neoclassical building has been relatively untouched by time, unlike the vicinities that have changed along with the city’s progress.



Townhall | Source: indiatimes.comTownhall | Source: indiatimes.com



Town hall | Source: panoramio.com Source: panoramio.com


5. Bangalore Fort

The original fort, which was built in 1537 was made of mud. It was in the late 17th century that it was converted into a stone fort. The Bangalore fort is considered to be the foundation for the city.



Bangalore Fort | Source: wikipedia.orgBangalore Fort | Source: wikipedia.org



Bangalore Fort | Source: burrp.com Source: burrp.com


6. M.G. Road

Every major city has one and in Bangalore, it used to be called ‘South Parade’-a residential area that has now become one of the city’s busiest roads.


MG Road | Source: discoverbangalore.comMG Road | Source: discoverbangalore.com


M G Road | Source: blog.abhinavagarwal.net Source: blog.abhinavagarwal.net


7. Oriental Building

At the intersection of St. Marks road and M.G Road is the Oriental Building which houses LIC Insurance. The building itself remains unchanged but the surroundings have taken an appearance perhaps unimaginable in the early years.



Oriental Building | Source: children-of-bangalore.comSource: children-of-bangalore.com



Oriental Building | Source: openingbell.inSource: openingbell.in


8. Race course

The race course, which was founded in the 1920s has seen the city’s transformation over the decades.



Bangalore race course | Source: sulekha.comSource: sulekha.com



Race course | Source: thehindu.comSource: thehindu.com


9. Lady Curzon and Bowring Hospitals

Affiliated to Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute, the oldest hospitals in Bangalore have kept up with the times by adopting newer technologies and practices.


Bowring Institute | Source: irissansfrontieres.wordpress.com Source: irissansfrontieres.wordpress.com




The hospitals | Source: bmcri.org Source: bmcri.org


10. Russel Market

Established in 1927, Russel Market used to be where you went for fruits, beef and poultry. Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine anything that you can’t get there.


Russel Market | Source: indiatimes.com Source: indiatimes.com



Russel Market | Source: blessbangalore.blogspot.com Source: blessbangalore.blogspot.com


11. New Opera House

This building remains unused nowadays but in it’s heydays, used to be a ballroom(1930s) and a theatre in the 1960s.


New Opera | Source: children-of-bangalore.comSource: children-of-bangalore.com


New Opera House | Source: panoramio.comSource: panoramio.com


12. BRV Cinema

The Bangalore Rifle Volunteers (BRV) was an armoury which was later used by the army to organize social events.




BRV in the 1930s | Source: indiatimes.comBRV in the 1930s | Source: indiatimes.com


BRV Theatres | Source: thehindu.com Source: thehindu.com

Whatever be the changes that the city has gone through, it seems that Bangalore then and now has always been charming in its own way.

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