These 8 Unique Diwali Greetings Are The Coolest Things To Share This Festival!

In the age of templates that exist for everything from business presentations to festival greetings, 8 talented artists have given us something unique- expressions of the Diwali spirit that are sure to spread joy as also entertain you. Check out these cool creations and the artists behind them- and do spread the joy by sharing these beauties with your loved ones.

Full disclosure: The artists featured here lend their talent to Grabhouse. But that doesn’t in any way mean they don’t know their Diwali!

1. Kangan Shrama


Animator, Kangan Sharma’s playful take on Diwali has character-styles that come across as homage to children’s comics of yesteryears. Motif from Indian folk art makes delightful swirls in the artwork, even appearing in one of the character’s attire. This is Indian art seen through the eye of an animator. And the animator’s other works can be viewed right here.

2. Maharaj Arumugam


It’s hard to miss the expression on the little girl’s face in Arumugam’s work. The girl is worried, as children are prone to be when lighting rockets for Diwali. The boy, presumably her brother doesn’t look all that confident either. Hard to miss is also all the news in the media about how harmful the effects of crackers and such can be. Whether intended or not, Maharaj Arumugam does give a subtle message here:) Do check out his other works.

3. Ishfaq Zaman


The Indian woman has speckled gold running like an inverted necklace along the edge of her hair in this artwork created by Ishfaq Zaman aka Zammy.  Zammy’s infusion of comic-inspired strokes with decisively digital-era colouring is a style common to many of his works, which you can enjoy right here.

4. Keerti Chowdhary


India has a tradition of portraying women as goddess-incarnate. Given the recent anti-women cultural scenario that has the nation shamed, the question of whether the ethos still prevails is heavily contested. Keerti Chowdhary’s use of the multi-handed  woman/goddess holding such objects as a selfie stick and a ball of sweet is poignant as it is playful. Do check out Keerti’s other works here.

5. Shylesh M


Graphic designer, Shylesh M has created the quintessential festival-kid. The kid is beyond happy, floating blissfully over a Rangoli- a symbol of all that’s innocent and good about the festival of lights. You can check out Shylesh’ other creations right here.

6. Filip Jedraszak


Photographer and Cinematographer, Filip Jedraszak captures the spirit of the festival with his portrait of the lady in the dark, the darkness pierced by light that’s almost ethereal in quality. An avid traveller with an eye for the fascinating, Filip’s works in and outside Grabhouse can be perused right here.

7. Praveen Brown


The Gif animation created by Praveen Brown- animator, illustrator and cartoonist is straightforward(in-yer-face?) and uncompromising as the final message- Have a safe Diwali. Someone who breathes, lives and lets his steam off through animation, you can check out some of Praveen’s works here.

8. Ravi Rao


Inventiveness is a given with Rube Goldberg Machines and Ravi Rao doesn’t disappoint on that count. The artist’s Diwali Gif starts off in a mellow pace but it doesn’t take long for things to escalate. Featuring pink balls, a fan and a whole lot of explosion! Check out Ravi’s portfolio right here.

Team Grabhouse would like to thank all our readers for keeping us in a festive mood, whether there’s a festival around or not. Once again, have a safe and fun Diwali!


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