9 Most Hilarious Things AIB Did In 2015!

AIl India Bhakchod or AIB as they are popularly known, has had a stellar 2015. From the controversial roast that made them infamous and put them in the spotlight to a new show on Star World, their 2015 has been nothing short of eventful. So with the year winding up we decided to take a look at some of the highlights of AIB in 2015.

1. Party Song

AIB recently released a much needed song mocking the new age party songs of Bollywood. Sharp and witty, this video became an instant hit throughout the country. They even roped in famous actor Irrfan Khan to star in the video adding a lot more oomph and humour to the video.

2. Honest Wedding

Halfway through 2015 AIB released this new hilarious video, offering their take on ‘The Great Indian Wedding’. Filled with satire, social commentary and a shit load of humour, this had the whole nation laughing in splits.

3. AIB Roast

Nothing has put AIB on the spotlight more than the Roast they did of Bollywood stars Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh. Very much like the age old American version of it, AIB’s show was also equally filled with profanity and humour. However, this drew the ire of the nation’s conservatives and even led to a few FIR’s being filed!

4. Unoffended

Following the heavy downpour of offense over their roast, AIB decided to let out a video on the same subject. In this hilarious video AIB envisions an India where the plague of tolerance spreads, causing havoc! They even roped in a few celebs, which include Russell Peters, Anurag Kashyap and even Arnab Goswami!

5. Save The Internet

When the government sneakily tried to kill off net neutrality, AIB made sure they got the word out about what really was happening. Even after that when Facebook teamed up with the India government, they once again warned Indians about what was happening. Drawing attention to such an important issue from the youth is something they truly have to be credited with.

6. Man’s Best Friend

This extremely funny video of AIB delves in detail into the relationship that men have with their privates, need we say more!

7. Quickr Ad

With a plan to venture into advertising too, AIB made an ad for Quickr. This rib tickling ad shows us how these guys might just take over the advertising scene too!

8. On Air With AIB

On air with AIB is an excellent initiative by the group airing on Star World, which also proves how much more mainstream they’ve become from about 2 years back when they started. On AIR with AIB mimics American shows like The Daily Show and Last Week Tonight. This satire news show is extremely funny and promises to be an initiative through which the group can educate the masses through humour!

9. India Today Conclave

India Today invited AIB for their Conclave and interviewed them. In this hilarious interview the group speaks out and voices their opinions on the goings on within the country!

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