11 Amazing Alternatives To Hotel Rooms In India

The place where you stay on your journey is very much a part of your travel experience. While hotels and resorts compete with each other to pamper you the most, there are offbeat experiences that are sometimes even more memorable. Here are some brilliant alternatives to hotel rooms in India.

1. Kafal ( Jilling Terraces, Nainital )

Kafal-_-Source: jillingterraces.comSource: jillingterraces.com

This 80 year old cottage situated in a 40 acre estate off the Matial village of Nainital is as far away from civilization as you get without losing its comforts. Though, it must be added that the said comforts doesn’t include internet access or sateelite TV. This one’s for the nature lovers-with about 100 acres of untouched forest dotted with waterfalls and dodar trees in the region, how could it be any other way?

Price: Rs. 6, 500 per night, Rs. 35,000 a week and Rs. 1,25,000 per month
Accommodation for: 6 to 8 persons
Type of property: Villa

2. Butterfly Bungalow (Bhimtal)

Bhimtal--_-Source: primresorts.comSource: primresorts.com

You get the best of both worlds in Butterfly Bungalow- a colonial style bungalow in a cypress and deodar forest with the best of modern amenities. The resident cook prepares some delightful Kumaoni cuisine on request. On a slightly more exotic note, you will also find one of Asia’s largest butterfly collections in the bungalow.

Price: Rs 36,000 per night
Accommodation for: 8 persons
Type of property: House

3. Woodyvu Stok House (Leh, Jammu and Kashmir)

Woodyvu-Stok-House--_-Source: muscache.comSource: muscache.com

Overlooking the Stok Monastery as well as the Khardugla Pass, Wooodyvu Stok House affords the view with floor-to-ceiling glass windows. For the modern in you that simply wouldn’t die, you have satellite TV and WiFi. The house is roomily luxurious  with five bedrooms and five baths.

Price: Rs. 60,000 per night
Accommodation for: 10 persons
Type of property: Villa

4. The Lazy Patio (Hauz Khas Village, Delhi)

The-Lazy-Patio-_-Source: booking.comSource: booking.comSource: booking.com

For pet lowers on a trip, this is probably the best place as pets are allowed in The Lazy patio. Having three bedrooms each of which offers a view of the Hauz Khas Lake, there is also a feast of crepes and pancakes in the bar area and the common terrace which are also sort of endearing.

Price: For a minimum of two nights stay, Rs. 4000 to Rs. 6000, For the entire apartmet, price on request
Accommodation for: 4 persons
Type of property: Apartment

5. Redearth (Mysore, Karnataka )

Redearth-_-Source: highontravel.comSource: highontravel.com

For getting in touch with nature without getting too away from civilization, Redearth is perfect.

Price: Rs. 15, 203 per night
Accommodation for:2 persons
Type of property: Villa

6. The Harrington Residency (Kolkata)

The-Harrington-Residency-_-Source: airbnb.co.ukSource: airbnb.co.uk

Ideal for a short stay in Kolkata, you have relatively easy access to all the best party places on Park Street including Someplace Else, Peter Cat and Moulin Rouge.

Price: Rs. 5,800 per night, Rs. 41,000 per week, Rs. 1,74,000 per month.
Accommodation for: 2 persons
Type of property: Bed & Breakfast

7. Villa (Goa)

Goa-_-Source: gqindia.comSource: gqindia.com

Situated close to Vagator and Anjuna, the villa affords you peace and quiet aplenty and is a good base to come back to after some serious partying.

Price: Rs. 8,000 per night
Accommodation for: 8 persons
Type of property: Villa

8. Marari Pearl (Mararikulam, Kerala)

marari-pearl-_-Source: tripadvisor.comSource: tripadvisor.com

This villa located in the beach village of Mararikulam comes with a private garden and a plunge pool. The beach which is relatively untouched by modernism is ideal for those evening walks.

Price: Rs. 14,000 per night
Accommodation for: 3 persons
Type of property: Villa

9. The Apartment at Scarlette (Delhi)

The-Apartment-at-Scarlette-_-Source: pinterest.comSource: pinterest.com

Scarlette has an independent apartment that you can rent on a long-term basis. The two bedroom apartment has living and dining rooms, a kitchenette and also an office space with high-speed WiFi. This Conde Nast approved apartment also provides you ‘Scarlette Privileges’ which include massage therapy, babysitting services, flight and train bookings and more.

Price: Rs. 7000 per night, Rs. 1,40,000 per month

Accommodation for: 6 persons
Type of property: Apartment

10. Heritage house (Pondicherry)

Heritage-house,-Pondicherry--_-Source: gqindia.comSource: gqindia.com

Situated in the heart of White Town and near to Auroville, this rustic house is flanked by nature and a beautiful garden, making this an incredibly romantic homestay.

Price: Rs. 10,728 per night, Rs. 64,368 per week, Rs. 2,07,408 per month
Accommodation for: 8 persons
Type of property: House

11. Tree House (Munnar, Kerala)

Munnar-_-Source: irisholidays.comSource: irisholidays.com

For a brilliant view of the coffee plantations from the comforts of a private tree house you can’t go wrong with Munnar. There are more than one service providers in the category for you to check out.

Price: Rs. 10, 000 to Rs. 7,000 per night
Accommodation for:2 persons
Type of property: Tree House

Travelling can be mind expanding.And these alternatives to hotel rooms can make you change your mind about how amazing where you stay can actually be.

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