12 Awesome Indian Startups All Pet Lovers Should Know About!

From trained dogs helping the blind to cross the road to kids dreaming up imaginary scenarios based on what they see inside a fish-bowl, the effects of pets in human life are impressive. But even though pets always formed an integral part of Indian life featuring even in the great Indian epic The Mahabharata(remember the dog that was loyal to Yudhistira?), care and consulting facilities for pets haven’t been taken up that seriously in the subcontinent. But that scenario is fast changing as young entrepreneurs from different walks of life are coming up with strong ideas to cater to the Indian pet market. Here are 12 amazing Indian startups no pet lover can afford not to know.

1. Heads Up For Tails- Where your pet gets the illusion that he’s Brad Pitt on an Oscar winning night

Founded in: 2008

Heads Up For Tails | Source: facebook.comSource: facebook.com

After completing her studies on Human Resource management from the London School of Economics, Rashi Narang joined a multinational bank. Surprisingly or not(probably not) she found the work boring. But she didn’t have to waste too much time thinking about what will be a career that should excite her. As someone who grew up with a lot of dogs, she knew what direction to take. And so, in 2008 Narang started Heads Up For Tails- a portal that’s synonymous with pet couture in India. Like a few other portals out there, you can buy from the site an array of pet products-from dog apparels to dog food and everything in between. But unlike most other sites the products from this one are more driven towards making your pet feel like a Hollywood star on the red carpet than just a well-looked-after-pet.

2. BarkLoot- by which your pet gets a boxful of cool stuff every month

Founded in: January, 2015

BarkLoot | Source: twitter.comSource: twitter.com

BarkLoot is the brainchild of Usha Raghav, who started the online portal stimulated by the love for her dog, Atom. For a monthly subscription fees of Rs. 999 the portal brings you, or rather your pet, a box-full of cool stuff that are both safe and beneficial for the pet’s health.

3. Dogspot- where you can find just about everything for your dog, and find some love for that

Founded in: 2008

Dogspot | Source: mustluvdogs.ca Source: mustluvdogs.ca via dogspot.in

Rana Atheya is an engineering graduate in electronics from the MJP Rohilkhand university and he also holds an MBA from Coventry University, UK. Perhaps more important to pet lovers is the fact that Atheya also happens to be a great lover of dogs-something which prompted him to start dogspot.in in 2007. From premium adjustable dog collars to dog cooling coats and dog bandanas, the pet products you can buy from this online pet accessory shop are many. From wacky to the downright functional, the types of products from dogspot.in will have your best friend at home gratefully wagging his tail.

4. AskForPets- Stuff for all kinds of pets including horses

Founded in: 2012

AskForPets | Source: avainexoticpetclinic.comSource: avainexoticpetclinic.com

India’s largest online pet supplies store, askforpets.com has supplies that will keep not only dogs but also cats, fish, birds and even horses happy. Aside from foods and treats for pets, the products available from the site include grooming accessories, health products, pet clothing and more. Seems like the internet is an invention that benefits more than just one species.

5. Scoopy Scrub- From dog collars to herbal pet massage-one stop for all

Founded in: 2007

Scoopy scrub | Source: facebook.comSource: facebook.com

Scoopy Scrub is positioned as a ‘one stop station’ for all kinds of pet products catering to all kinds of pets. Now, if that doesn’t sound like a good idea to pet lovers, there are some more services that the brand offers-like matting, teeth brushing, breed specific styling and herbal massage for pets. The company has seven self-owned outlets in the Delhi/NCR region aside from the fifteen franchises in major Indian cities including Bangalore, Kolkata and Pune.

6. The Paws Pack- Holistic pet solutions

Founded in: 2007

Paws Pack | Source: facebook.com Source: facebook.com

A pet management company based in Pune, The Paws Pack offers holistic solutions for pet-lovers, from helping you choose the right kind of pet to training and grooming the pets. They also have a state of the art pet resort where a pet can get its own room where it can ease out when you are not in town.

Location: The Pawsh, Lane Next to Adidas Showroom,Opposite Food Bazaar,Baner, Pune, Maharashtra 411045

7. Time for pet- Buy stuff for pets or adopt a pet

Founded in: 2014

time for pets | Source: wikimedia.comSource: wikimedia.com

Based in Bangalore, timeforpet.com is an essential visit if you own a pet. Not only do they sell pet-related products but you can also find useful information like the nearest pet grooming centre or clinic. Furthermore, if you wish to adopt a pet or put up a pet for adoption, that’s also possible through the website.

8. Waggle.in- Find a pet-lover who’ll keep your pet close when you’re away

Founded in: 2013

Waggle | Source: facebook.comSource: facebook.com

This online service helps you find a pet-loving family to whom you can entrust your pet when you are travelling. The service is currently available in seven Indian cities- Bangalore, Chennai, Kochi, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai and New Delhi.

9. Pupkart- Buy cool man-made stuff for your cool non-human friends

Founded in: 2013

Pupkart| Source: thestartupjournal.comSource: thestartupjournal.com

At pupkart.com, you can buy accessories and food products for pets including dogs, cats, birds, fish and small pets. With a wide array of top notch products and frequent discounts, it’s one place in the World Wide Wow where a pet lover would feel right at home.

10. Barknbond- Make a stronger bond with your pet

Founded in: 2012

Barknbond | Source: facebook.com Source: facebook.com

Launched as  part of Pranita Balar’s mission to strengthen the bond between people and their pets, Barknbond is a unique canine consultation service. Balar- a canine consultant and dognition evaluator believes that “Positive Training methods” are the key to a fulfilling relation between you and your pet. The Barknbond app helps you find all pet-related places-from veterinary clinics to pet friendly cafes just by a few taps on the phone. Currently, the app covers the city of Mumbai.

11. Fuzzy Wuzzy- Reminds you that you’re not the only one who can have a sense of style

Founded in: 2002

Fuzzy Wuzzy | Source: facebook.com Source: facebook.com

Fuzzy Wuzzy is a pet-styling studio and spa in Bangalore. Pet grooming and pet consultation have rarely been so stylish!

Location: No.670, Chinmaya Mission Hospital Road, 2nd Stage,, Indira Nagar, Opp Royal Oak, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038

12. The Peppy Paws- The smartest place in Pune to leave your pet at times

Founded in: 2010

The Peppy Paws | Source: facebook.comSource: facebook.com

Forget traditional kennels as The Pepy Paws is a world apart from them. This pet resort in Pune will have your pets stay in comfort that will be the envy of your pet’s animal friends if ever they come to know of it. With grooming services, recreational activities, opportunities to socialise with other friendly pets and trained onsite staff available ’round the clock, you can travel with the knowledge that your pet is in safe hands.

Location: Opp Orbis School, keshav nagar, mundhwa, Pune, Maharashtra 411036

While you are sitting alone in a room, ruminating about what went by or what should be done in life, there comes a moment when an innocent soul caught in an animal body will come to your side as if it knows you are under stress. And with a single lick on your palm or by snuggling up against you, the pet gives you therapy which the best psychoanalysts would approve of. And in these moments of human interaction with animals are born sensations that make it worthwhile to go the extra mile to take care of your pet. With cool new services coming along, it’s now easier to go that extra distance.

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