13 Cool Offices From Around The World That’ll Make You Want To Quit Your Job!

We’ve all felt the Monday Blues, the disappointment of realizing the weekend is done. But what if your office was so cool, you run to work everyday? Don’t believe us?  Check out these cool offices from around the world, that are so brilliant you’ll be scouring the internet for jobs right away!


1. Selgas Cano – Madrid

When architects design offices for themselves, brilliant designs are bound to follow suit. The Selgas Cano office in Madrid, designed by the architects of the same name for their own firm is nothing short of brilliant!

2017396872_selgas-cano-office-2381Image Courtesy – archdaily

The office which is located near a forest is half immersed into the ground so that the employees have an eye level view of the forest! The soothing environment helps the employees have a more vibrant creative environment.

2017396872_selgas-cano-office-2381-(1)Image Courtesy – Boredpanda

2. Google Office – Zurich

No one goes all out with their office spaces than Google does. Which is probably why everyone wants to work there. The Google Office in Zurich is one of the best campuses that Google has, and that’s saying something!

Image Courtesy – officesnapshots

Pool, Foosball and Table Tennis tables adorn the office, to their employees sheer joy. Google also has a rule that no employee should ever be more than 100 mtrs away from food. So they’ve even installed a slide that leads you right into their well stocked cafeteria!

EMEA-Engineering-Hub-Zurich-Camenzind-Evolution-5Image Courtesy – inhabitat

And they also have a lot of strange structures for their employees to inhabit, like these cable cars!

google-zurich-office-12Image Courtesy – cubebreaker

And whatever this is supposed to be!

265_1_F6_meeting_eggImage Courtesy – officesnapshots

3. Comvert – Italy

When Italian alternative clothing company had to relocate to a new office, true to their band, they went ahead and did the most alternative thing ever. They converted a cinema hall into their office and threw in a huge indoor skating bowl!

Image Courtesy – topyaps

The huge size of the cinema hall, helped them to design comfy nooks as hangout spots for their employees, like this one here.

Image Courtesy – amazonaws

4. Facebook – California

In close competition with Google for brilliant office spaces is none other than our very own Facebook. With wide open spaces and movie halls and entertainment areas with all amenities in the offing, this office is the ultimate dream work space!

Image Courtesy – bullinteriors

They even have a fully decked DJ booth were employees can hone their turn table skills. Add to that a separate area for skating and it’s no wonder why everyone’s lining up to work in this fabulous workspace

facebook-office-lounge Image Courtesy – home-designing

5. D-Tac – Thailand

When Thailand’s second largest telecom operator D-Tac decided to build anew office they went all out to create something worthy of international envy. Some of the highlights include a massive circular library amphitheatre, and an entire floor dedicated to fun, with indoor soccer, table tennis, running track, and concert and performance spaces.

dtacc1Image Courtesy – thecoolhunter

They even have yoga sessions on their rooftop!

dtacHouse1_460Image Courtesy – telenor

Here’s an image of their jam sessions in the office as another employee goes for a run on their indoor track!

cd3c1cd009d0f1a24a0dbbabc0c4393fImage Courtesy – architecturemedia

6. Youtube – California

Google has made no short comings when it came to setting up an office for their new acquisition Youtube. Big open floor plans and perks for employees dominate this office complex, as they can relax with a bit of indoor putting, free-roam Segway riding, eating, gaming, swimming, and gym activities, to name just a few.

Image Courtesy – cloudfront

Oh, did we mention the giant slide in office!

youtube1Image Courtesy – adzuna

Or the putting green!

Image Courtesy – dailymail

7. Courus Quay – Canada

One of the largest offices on the list, Courus Quay is spread over a massive 500,000 square feet, and home to Corus Entertainment. Bright colours, big TV’s, boardroom tables shaped like ice hockey rinks – this building really has it all.

CorusQuayImage Courtesy – 1loveto

Talk about a brilliant view from the office! And is that a giant lightning bolt?!

Image Courtesy – urbantoronto

Oh, and did we mention the zillion sparkly fish on the ceiling, trippy indeed!

corus_quay_0010Image Courtesy – neighbourhoodwalks

8. Lego – Denmark

There absolutely can’t be a more fun prospect than heading to work knowing there is limitless lego awaiting you. Lego’s office in Denmark is just that place. The whole office is designed so that anyone can play with the lego and come up with something new, while getting work done, and enjoying their time at the company.

Lego-headwuatersImage Courtesy – thecollegeinvestor

Oh yeah, the customary slide(what is it with companies and slides anyway?!)

Image Courtesy – amazonaws

And did we mention all the lego you can dream of ever!

Image Courtesy – toxel

9. Google – London

Quirky yet cutting edge design define the workspaces of Google’s London office. Renowned interior designers PENSON were given the task of creating this space and boy, did they do a brilliant job.


GoogleImage Courtesy -vincosport

Can a lounge area look more comfy that this?!

Image Courtesy – freshome

As Brit as they can get!

Image Courtesy – oddities123

10. White Mountain Office – Sweden

Situated 100 ft below Stockholm, this internet provider’s office looks more like Dr Evil’s underground lair! But we totally understand why working here would be brilliant! It’d be the ultimate space to perfect your evil laugh. Buhahahaha!

Image Courtesy – archdaily

Is this where Mr Freeze lives?

Spectacular_Bomb_Shelter_Datacenter_pionen_12Image Courtesy – bp.blogspot


Tell me these guys don’t look like they’re planning to take over ze world!

Image Courtesy – inspirationsweb

11. Inventionland – Pittsburgh

This corporate headquarters for an invention promotion firm is nothing like any other office you’ve seen! With fifteen different sets in the office ranging from pirate ships, race tracks, and faux caves, to red carpet walkways, a castle, or a giant robot. It’s no surprise why this office made it to our list.

Image Courtesy – inventionland

There’s nothing more badass than working off a pirate ship! Rawrrrr!

Image Courtesy – davison

Or even a castle for that matter!

Image Courtesy – inventionland

12. Microsoft – Vienna

A number of colorful, fresh, and eye-catching design elements come together in Vienna to create Microsoft’s most creative space yet

.Image Courtesy – table

This conference hall is just vavoom!

Image Courtesy – contemporist

This elegant lounge space is as classy as it gets!

m2Image Courtesy – adelto

13. TBWA Hakuhodo Office – Tokyo, Japan

What sets an ad agency apart is their ability to think differently. So when Japanese ad agency TBWA Hakuhodo decided to set up an office, they wanted it to reflect the same.

Image Courtesy – emlii

If comfortable spaces like these don’t spurn your creativity, we don’t know what will!

597983477_kda05Image Courtesy – archdaily

Special Mention -

 Myntra – India

We scoured the countries many offices to find one that stands tall with all these whacky offices we found abroad and our very own Bangalore’s Myntra is a clear winner. With a fully loaded recreational centre, a gym and beautifully put together décor, Myntra is a clear model of how companies will be designing there offices in India from now on!

Image Courtesy – indiatimes

Here’s a video that explains a lot more in detail

The Future

If all of this awesomeness hasn’t impressed you yet, then be prepared to be blown away by Google’s otherworldly design for their upcoming office in North Bayshore in New York. If this is the future, get me a time machine already!

Tell us which of these companies do you want to work with?

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