12 Great Joints For Kebabs In Bangalore

Some people are so concerned about spellings-whether kebab or kabab is the right way to spell it. I’m more concerned about bringing you the best places for Kebabs in Bangalore, or kababs in Bangalore, if that’s the way you prefer it. Take a look and even better get a taste!


1. Tayabbs

Tayyabs | Source: zomato.comTayyabs | Source: zomato.com

This place has a limited seating capacity but let that not be a deterrent, for have you ever actually felt like walking away from the first day first show of your favourite hero’s latest flick when you have the ticket in hand just because it’s crowded. Duh, the crowd is the part of the fun, especially when the hero is a sumptuous kebab; the kind you won’t get anywhere else!

Location: 46, Opposite BSNL Office, 80 Feet Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore.


2. Tunday Kababi

Tunday kababi | Source: zomato.comTunday kababi | Source: zomato.com

Okay, this place has a pretty interesting back-story which you can feed on. Many years ago, I mean, many many years ago, Mohammad Osman Haji started the Tunday Kababi enterprise using the special recipe developed by his ancestors that approximated the secret recipe from the cuisines of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah, an erstwhile king. When the dish in front of you come from such a strong heritage, you better be prepared to be astonished.

Location: 479, KHB Colony, 5th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore.


3. Siddique Kebab Centre

Siddique Kabab Centre | Source: zomato.comSiddique Kabab Centre | Source: zomato.com

We’re living in an age of T-Shirt wisdom, aren’t we? You walk down any street in any Indian city and if you don’t see a few pearls of wisdom glaring at you in printed luminescent glory, you must be blind drunk. And it’s to philosophies that you read such as ‘No Cash. No Girlfriends. No Rikshaws.’ that you turn to when you are particularly low on cash. Amusing though the lines you read may be, they never satisfy your hunger. But there’s good news-it’s called Siddique Kebab Center, the place where you go for great kebabs when you have not the money that makes you feel like the world actually is a beautiful place. Let me add that having their kalmi kebabs can have the same effect.

Location: St. Johns Church Road, Near Coles Park, Frazer Town, Bangalore


4. Sahib Sind Sultan

Sahib Sindh Sultan | Source: zomato.comSahib Sindh Sultan | Source: zomato.com

When meat is prepared by using the methods from Lucknow-which is complex and producing fascinating results-you know they are serious about the food that they prepare. Put another way, children are serious about playing, adults are serious about them ‘studying’ (sic) and Sahib Sind Sultan is serious about the kebabs they make.

Location: 2nd Floor, Forum Mall, Hosur Road, Koramangala, Bangalore.


5. Zeeshan, J.P Nagar

Zeeshan | Source: zomato.comZeeshan | Source: zomato.com

Authentic Mughlai food is the staple at Zeeshan. Their sheekh kebabs are so good savouring one just might provide temporary consolation for buying that outlandish watch which you thought was cool but once you started using, realised is the worst decision you made since you tangoed to woo a girl when you didn’t know how to tango.

Location: Gopal Reddy Layout, 18th Cross, 21st Main, 5th Phase, JP Nagar, Bangalore.


6. Samarkhand

1 | Source: lowfodmap.com Source: lowfodmap.com

Why is it that we all feel that things were much better in antiquity than in the present times? After all, we have never been around during those times to know how things were. Besides, history is so full of bloodshed to warrant an epoch of peace that suddenly came to sudden halt once the internet came into being. However, it’s the décor of antiquity which makes the ambience so delightful at Samarkhand. And the kebabs they prepare are one of a kind. Now, did anyone make kebabs in antiquity that tasted incomparably better than the ones we make in the present world? That is a question worth chewing on.

Location: Gem Plaza, Infantry Road, Bangalore.


7. Empire Restaurant

Empire Restaurant | Source: zomato.comEmpire Restaurant | Source: zomato.com

They’re already so famous for their chicken kebabs that writing anything positive about their kebabs (any more) would be like saying over and over again, “Oh, the Everest is tall, isn’t it?” But, unfortunately there are still people who haven’t yet known about these facts, people who just landed in Bangalore from Mars. And it’s for their benefit that I say, It’s spelled E-M-P-I-R-E. And no, it’s not in China.

Location: 83, Nehru Main Road, Kammanahalli, Bangalore.


8. Copper Chimney
Copper Chimney | Source: zomato.comCopper Chimney | Source: zomato.com

They were the first in India to introduce show kitchen, so you can take in with your eyes the process of preparing kebabs, before you placate the other sense of yours which is more intimately entwined with food. Since 1972, Copper Chimney has not let the patrons down with their awesome kebabs. And even though, tradition, in the general sense of the term, can feel as a burden at times, this is one tradition we’d all like them to keep.

Location: 2006, Ground Floor, Adjacent to Vodafone, HAL 2nd Stage, Off 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore.


9. Hotel Fanoos

2 | Source: healthmeup.comSource: healthmeup.com

I’ll give you a clue. It has four letters and is called ‘beef.’ Err..okay, I’m not that great at giving clues, but Fanoos certainly is great, at preparing the best beef dishes in town. And unlike me, they’re legendary! They even have mutton dishes which are equally yummy. I say this from my kitchen, where the most exotic preparation is a glass of boiled milk with chocolate syrup. God, I think I’m getting insecure now!

Location: 17, Hosur Road, Near Johnson Market, Richmond Town, Bangalore.


10. Tandoor

Tandoor | Source: zomato.comTandoor | Source: zomato.com

I think they apparently knew what they were getting into when they named the place as ‘Tandoor’. People would be thinking with a name like that it better be good. They didn’t try to tickle our funny bones by coming up with a name such as ‘Tandoor, rhymes with Santoor’ or something. So, as a consolation for not being creative on the naming front, they better serve lip-smacking food. And they do. The iron tandoor of Hyderabad that they have certainly is your hunger’s best friend.

Location: 28, Centenary Building, MG Road, Bangalore.


11. Ta’aam

Ta'aam | Source: zomato.comTa’aam | Source: zomato.com

Imagine a landscape made entirely of mutton and you get to walk and eat from the ground as much as you like. Ew, gross! That came out wrong. What I meant to say is that Ta’aam serves fantastic mutton dishes and on top of that the staff are super-courteous but you can’t eat them.

Location: 19/1, Queen’s Road Cross, Munniswamy Road, Near Caricon AC’s, Cunningham Road, Bangalore


12. Savoury Restaurant

5 | Source: snaxxpress.wordpress.comSource: snaxxpress.wordpress.com

Super-famous for authentic Arabian food, Savoury has multiple branches but the same agenda everywhere-to floor you with their great preparations, and the kebabs are no exception. The staff members are also courteous, so you won’t feel like they’re doing you a favour by doing their job.

Location: Multiple outlets in the city

Now that you know of these fantastic places for enjoying lip-smacking kebabs in Bangalore, (or was that kababs all along?), you know where to take your tummy when it growls like a beast.

Some images may be indicative

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