Hacks To Make Kitchen Life Simpler

Whether you are a bachelor or a family person, you got to have some tips to not make your groceries expense rise sky high or not let your kitchen stink. Here are some common and handy tips to make your kitchen life simpler.

1.Melting the Butter



Photo Courtesy: One pot chef -youtube.com

Want to spread the butter on your meal, but the butter too hard. Simple. Cover the butter with a heated tumbler and within seconds the butter will melt down. For heating the tumbler, pour some warm water in it.

2.Slicing the Tomatoes


Photo courtesy: noshon.it

How to slice multiple tomatoes in a single go. Use two lids of any container, size depending on the number of tomatoes, fit the tomatoes between the lids and slice in two neat halves at one shot.

3.Using the Orange Peels


Photo courtesy: lifehacker.com

The orange peels are good as a prank, but also make a good candle holder. Keep the peel after removing any internal flesh while cutting perpendicular to the stem, because it is the taper used to light the orange candle. Fill some oil in the orange and lighten up.

4.Peeling the Garlic


Photo Courtesy:  Healthyfoodhouse.com

Taking too much time to peel off the garlic. Just remove the heads and take them in your hand, if not many, or in a bowl with a lid and shake it. The peel will come off easily with no trouble.

5.Funky Dosas


Photo Courtesy: giphy.com

If you are tired of making the dosas the usual way, then try getting a squeeze bottle( generally used for ketchup) and put the batter in it. Make your own patterns when you spread the batter on the pan.

6.Storing the onions and garlic


Photo Courtesy: livingtraditionally.com

Use brown bags, especially while storing onions and garlic. Make some holes in the bag and put the vegetables in and close them so that they stay afresh for months together, without moulding.

7.Storing the potatoes


Photo courtesy: lifehacker.com

Store potatoes along with some apples, and the potatoes don’t sprout soon. The ethylene gas from apple helps the potato stay fresh.

8.Inverted Jar therapy


Photo Courtesy: reluctantentertainer.com

When you buy any of the expensive salad dressings or even some spreads like jam, store the jar in an inverted manner. This way, one need have to scrape the edges to make full use of the spread before tossing it in the dustbin.
Add them to your existing list of hacks if you have one, or start one right away and stick on a wall and make kitchen life a cakewalk.

 Feature image courtesy: randomstory.org
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