Helpr- A Unique Household Service Provider And Their Unique Project For The Chennai Floods

Time. There are many ideas about it but one that’s always in vogue is the one about not having enough of it. And it’s something that is born out of  everyday reality in the modern world- the lifestyle of work-sleep-work, which most of us are helplessly entangled in. But help isn’t far away- at least not if these entrepreneurs have a say in the matter. Like Vijayramkumar Veeraraghavan for instance, who decided to enter the $100 Bn to $400 Bn Indian household services market in his own unique way.

The singular quality of Helpr

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As the founder and CEO of Helpr Veeraraghavan had his views clear from the outset-he wasn’t willing to follow the western model of household service providers. Not because he has anything against the west per se but because of the insight that the scenario in our country is vastly different from that of the rest of the world.
Whereas in the west, trained professionals is the norm, down here that’s the factor which makes you an exception. And exceptional service is what Helpr aimed at from the very beginning, ever since it was launched in 2012.

How Helpr tackled the issue of dearth of qualified professionals

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All said and done, when it comes to household service, the customer is giving access to his/her house to someone who’s a virtual stranger. In addition to that, there’s the element of efficiency- how well the help actually makes the customer’s life easier. Veeraraghavan along with his two co-founders of Helpr saw that there is no dearth of demand but it’s the lack of quality on the supply side which was making customers hesitant about availing such services.

It was clear to Helpr that the issue can’t be solved based on technological strength- though tapping the power of the internet was always on the cards. To facilitate the customers’ demand for verified and trained professionals, Helpr teamed uo with Avon Facility management Services- an alliance which has stood Helpr in good stead. With Avon on board, Helpr is never short of highly-trained service providers from different verticals, all of whom go through a stringent police verification process way before they arrive at your home in your hour of need.

Key services from Helpr


House Cleaning: Using sophisticated cleaning machinery and  environment friendly chemicals, Helpr ensures your house is impeccable without leaving any noxious fumes for you to breathe. The personnel that provide the service are trained by such esteemed organizations as Eureka Forbes and Bayer.

Pest Control: Not only are the pests eliminated, it’s done using chemicals that are approved by the World Health Organization(WHO) and they are also odourless.

Electrical & Plumbing Services: Avail the services of experienced electricians and plumbing professionals with no hidden charges. Also, if the issue recurs within 10 days, you get a free service.

Appliances Services: The A/C which doesn’t go up to the degree you want to, the television which issues pictures but no sound and the washing machine that wouldn’t turn on- these and many more appliance issues can be relegated to safe hands with Helpr.

Carpentry and Geyser Services: With transparent pricing and quality personnel, your carpentry and geyser service requirements are well served using Helpr. And the assurance of a free service if the issue recurs within 10 days further puts your mind at ease.

How to avail Helpr’s help?


It’s simple. You have the option to go to, enter details like the service you require, your location and Helpr will get in touch with you. You can also choose a time of your liking to avail the service. The same process can  be done using the Helpr app with which you can book the quality services while on the move.

Help getting futuristic

Vijayramkumar Veeraraghavan considers bringing dignity to a blue-collar workforce the greatest thrills of running his venture. On the complementary side, the end customer enjoys the fruits of his employees’ skills. The customer’s apprehension of whether a service-provider is trustworthy is now broken and the company now proudly provides jobs at the rate of 50 per day. What this translates to is the filling of the void of quality household professionals in the market place. As for the future, by the end of next year Helpr intends to expand to 23 major Indian cities including Hyderabad, Pune and Mumbai. In other words, more quality service at more fingertips.

Helpr reaching out to those affected by the Chennai flood


Providing assistance whenever you require is the underlying ethos of Helpr. The recent floods in Chennai have created a situation in which millions find themselves in need of help-rather unexpectedly. Helpr is extending their services to those affected by the flood by providing free service camps in flood affected regions. If you need related assistance, please don’t hesitate to call 7676 000 300 to avail services.


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