12 Restaurants In Hyderabad To Have A Chilled Beer And A Great Time

The winter is coming, well, in fact, the winter has arrived and we would love to try everything that could keep us warm and cosy. That being said, we would love some warm drinks especially stuff such as rum or brandy to by our side to keep us comfortable. However, there are some of us who still love their beer a lot more than anything else and will not leave its side, come what may. So here’s the list of restaurants in Hyderabad where one can enjoy a chilled beer:

1. Beerhouse

beerhouse_zomatoCourtesy: zomato.com

While you have some of your friends on a shopping spree, you could head to this outlet on the second floor for a relaxed beer. Why wear yourself out by dragging behind your friends when you can enjoy a view, good music and a great mug of chilled beer.

Location: 2nd Floor, Inorbit Mall, Hitech City
Cost of a pint: ~Rs. 160

2. MOB

mob_zomatoCourtesy: zomato.com

If you are the kind who takes your beer seriously, this is the place you ought to be. Don’t worry, if your beer chugging friends make fun of you, because they aren’t welcome much here. The Belgian Beer House makes you experience the beer like it should be.

Location: 2nd Floor, Aryans, Near Apollo Hospital, Road 92, Film Nagar
Cost of a pint: ~Rs. 450

3. Beer County

beercounty_zomatoCourtesy: zomato.com

Well, if you are looking for an around the world kind of an experience when it comes to beer tasting, then your next destination should be Beer County.They have some great lagers from Europe and signature beer cocktails that every beer lovers should try.

Location: 3rd Floor, 7th Heaven Building, Road 10, Jubilee Hills
Cost of a pint: ~Rs. 400

4. Uberdeq

uberdeq_goldleaf_zomatoCourtesy:goldleaf /zomato

Their happy hours are where you get to have some of the best choices of spirits, Kingfisher beer and starters only at 89 bucks each. The ambience of the place is amazing and a beer here ought to make your day awesome.

Location: 4th Floor, Anshu Colours, Near TV5 Office, Jubilee Hills
Cost of a pint: ~Rs. 250

5. Xtreme Sports Bar

xtreme_Abhijat GoyalCourtesy: Abhijat Goyal

While there are four of these hangouts around town, we would like to suggest the one that is at the SVM gaming parlour. You get to enjoy beer and try your hand at bowling. Also, one can have an awesome gaming experience at laser tag upstairs and mock each other over a mug of chilled beer.

Location: 4th Floor, Near SVM, Road 36, Jubilee Hills
Cost of a pint: ~Rs. 100

6. Heart Cup Coffee

heartcup_zomatoCourtesy: zomato.com

This place is more like a heartfelt cup or mug of anything. They host one of the best karaoke nights in town making it the best place to sing your heart out or even burp your beer out. You should definitely try their Belgium beer pints.

Location: B 7 & 8, Jubilee Garden, Behind TCS Building, E Park, Kondapur
Cost of a pint: ~Rs. 150

7. 10 Downing Street

10down_ Prateek DaniCourtesy: Prateek Dani

Even if you are not the dancing kinds, you could always go for a pint and check out the rest making a fool out themselves on the dance flor. 10D has a vibe that throws you back in time and gives the ultimate tavern experience.

Location: 10, Ground Floor, My Home Tycoon, Begumpet
Cost of a pint: ~Rs. 210

8. Coco’s Bar And Grill

coco_Gaurav NakhatCourtesy: Gaurav Nakhat

This rooftop restaurant is an amazing choice for a great time with friends on any day. Live music, cabana style seating and yummy sides are the best accompaniments for the pitcher of beer.

Location: Plot 217, Opposite KBR Park, Beside TDP Office, Road 2, Banjara Hills
Cost of a pint: ~Rs. 180

9. Fly High By LS

flyhigh_ Sathwik-G-RoyCourtesy: Sathwik-G-Roy

They really mean when they say, fly high. Their happy hour combos are awesome way to be high. You could choose between just bucket of six beers or shisha and six beers. Their ambience adds upto the trippy experience one has.

Location: Plot 1259/A, 5th Floor, Beside Skoda Showroom, Road 36, Jubilee Hills
Cost of a pint: ~Rs. 230

10. Olive Bistro

olive_zomatoCourtesy: zomato.com

The cobbled steps and the white & blue walls will leave you craving for a trip to the Mediterranean. Also, overlooking the Durgam Cheruvu while sipping your beer is an experience you must try.

Location: Road 46, Inside Durgam Cheruvu, Jubilee Hills
Cost of a pint: ~Rs. 220

11. Truffles

truff_SegutejeshCourtesy: Segutejesh

The smell of freshly made bread in the air relaxed conversations about the daily life while trying to plan an escape to the dreamy countryside of Europe, one can defienetely feel the need of that chilled beer on their table.

Location: Plot 376, Road 10, Jubilee Hills
Cost of a pint: ~Rs. 160

12. Pier 33

pier33_ Ankur ModiCourtesy: Ankur Modi

What if the Durgam Cheruvu had a pier with a deck big enough to party where you enjoy beer pong with your buddies was, in fact, available? You wouldn’t be sitting and reading this piece instead you would be tossing your troubles off the pier.

Location: Road 46, Beside Durgam Cheruvu, Inside Marakesh, Jubilee Hills
Cost of a pint: ~Rs. 250

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