9 Simple Yet Effective Tips For Happier Mornings- Say Good Morning To Sunshine!

The world belongs to those who have happy mornings. You probably won’t find that written in any significant book, but the truth of the matter is that that’s how it is. Of course, there could be grumpy businessmen who wake up every day on the wrong side of the bed and still  be successful. In fact, there are a lot of them. But when it comes to truly enjoying a day, it’s the ones who start the day in a positive mood who has the better chance. To that end, here are 9 simple yet effective tips for happier mornings.

1. Before going to sleep at night, keep the blinds halfway open

Blinds | Source: house185.wordpress.comSource: house185.wordpress.com

This is so that the first rays of the rising sun could kiss you awake. Okay, maybe not the VERY first rays but a few that closely follow. This instructs your brain  to increase your adrenaline-level and reduce the production of melatonin-the chemical associated with sleep and darkness.

2. Set your alarm some 15 minutes ahead

Alarm | Source: alibaba.comSource: alibaba.com

Imagine the luxury of staying in bed even after the alarm has gone off. That’s exactly what you get if you did this little thing on the night prior-set the alarm 15 minutes ahead of when you actually wanna wake up. This way, the first things you’ll be doing on the day won’t be rushing madly to the bathroom and then to the wardrobe. In other words, leave the rush hour to the city and not bring it to your bedroom.

3. Soon as you wake up, stretch your entire body

Stretching | Source: thetrentonline.comSource: thetrentonline.com

Don’t mean to offend you or anything but there’s a lesson that we can learn from dogs. Our canine friends make it a point to stretch their entire body which is the first thing they do as soon as they come out of a nap. The practice is extremely beneficial for humans as well. You can start your stretching routine by first lifting your arm and stretching each finger followed by your wrist and then your arm. Once the same cycle is followed using your other hand, it’s time to stretch your toes, feet, ankles and then legs. You can save the neck and back stretches for the last. The simple stretching exercises will enhance the blood flow through your body.

4. Read a motivational quote

Motivational | Source: valleysleepcenter.comSource: valleysleepcenter.com

Once your brain is awake to the reality of the dawn, you can put yourself in a positive frame of mind for whatever challenges the day may bring by reading a motivational quote or a poem that would help you focus more. A related tip: the news headlines shouldn’t be the first thing you read in a day. Any day.

5. Avoid making decisions in the morning

Decision | Source: theparentreport.comSource: theparentreport.com

Though good decision-making skills is mandatory if you are to have a successful life, it’s best not to make any decisions during the wee hours of the morning. In fact, you should make simple decisions for the morning-like what clothes to wear or the breakfast to cook on the prior night itself. This way, you will have a relaxing morning routine.

6. Cuddle your kids/pets

kid | Source: joywill.comSource: joywill.com

There’s nothing like cuddling up with your kid or your pet to beat stress. And this is one of the best things you can do to make your mornings as bright as the sun’s rays that illuminate the entire world. The sheer joy of this is hard to communicate with words!

7. Listen to some upbeat tunes

music | Source: parishues.com Source: parishues.com

A life without music is a mistake, so said Nietzsche. Substitute the word “life” in the sentence with “morning” and he would still not be far off the mark. Let a few peppy songs play as you go through the morning routine of shower, getting dressed and breakfast.

8. Put a little sugar(but not too much) in your morning cuppa

coffee | Source: pxleyes.comSource: pxleyes.com

A research conducted by the University of Virginia shows that those who regularly take a small amount of sugar(less than a teaspoon) regularly in the mornings before breakfast have a better memory recall of the day’s events on the following day than the others. Also, as any coffee-person would know, there’s nothing like a warm cup of coffee to really waken you up. But if you’re not so much into coffee, a glass of orange juice also makes for a great morning drink.

9. Always have an emergency outfit in your closet

wardrobe | Source: homecaprice.comSource: homecaprice.com

This is one simple thing that many who want to have a perfect beginning to the day overlook. The emergency outfit should include jewellery, socks and the like aside from clothes. This would negate worries if you happen to discover at the last moment that something’s wrong with the outfit you were planning to wear for the day.

What they say about there being no short cuts to happiness is true. But a positive morning is the closest that you can get to a shortcut to happier days and thereby, a happier life. As the American writer Annie Dillard said, “How we spend our days is how we spend our lives.” And days have a better chance of being better with happier mornings.

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