Epic Stories : Story Of How It’s Very Likely That Calculus Was Invented In India!

Calculus is said to have been invented by English scientist Isaac Newton and German philosopher Gottfried Leibniz simultaneously towards the end of the 17th century. However a team from the universities of Manchester and Exeter says that calculus was invented in India. They claim it belongs to an ancient Indian mathematician named Irińńaŗappiļļy Madhavan. The Kerala school of astronomy and mathematics was a school of mathematics and astronomy founded by Madhava in Kerala and fllourished from the 14th to the 16th century.  In attempting to solve astronomical problems, the Kerala school independently created a number of important mathematics concepts among which one is the foundations of calculus.


Dr. George Gheverghese Joseph, who is a member of the research team that made this discovery had this to say “The beginnings of modern maths is usually seen as a European achievement but the discoveries in medieval India between the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries have been ignored or forgotten,” he said. “The brilliance of Newton’s work at the end of the seventeenth century stands undiminished — especially when it came to the algorithms of calculus.” He claims that the imperial forces are responsible for keeping such truths hidden.


It is speculated that these mathematical methods were learnt by the Jesuit priests who arrived on Kerala’s shores between the 14th-16th century. They would later return to Eurpoe laden with this knowledge which slowly crept into the mathematics of Europe. However, because a lot of Jesuit records were burnt by the Catholic church very little evidence remains as to if this exchange of information actually happened.



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