10 Things Indians Talked About The Most On Facebook In 2015

Trends are ephemeral. Like vapour drifting in the air. The only indication that a trend means something to you is if it manages to bring back  good memories. And one of the breeding grounds for trends in the internet is Facebook.  What were the topics which created the highest excitement among users of Facebook talked about the most in 2015? Here you go.

10. The Indian Army

Indian-army_en-Source: wikipedia.orgSource: wikipedia.org

The Indian Army may be at the tail end of this list but it’s still a matter of significance that the nation’s army is the 10th most talked about  from a bizillion things that are passed along through the Facebook grapevine. The users of the platform had quite a lot of things about the army to talk about-from militant attacks to OROP and everything in between.

9. Deepika Padukone


The ascent of Deepika Padukone, astonishing as it has been isn’t nearly over. In fact, chances are that the grandest things are still in the waiting. 2015 saw her appear in  much anticipated movies like Piku and Tamasha- films that kicked off a lot of fb threads. Padukone also won the best actress Filmfare award for Piku and yes, there’s the matter of her love interests which were also put under the lens by the meticulous Facebook users.

8. Bihar Elections

Bihar-election_Source: huffingtonpost.comSource: huffingtonpost.com

Spread over the two months of October and November, held in 5 phases, the Bihar elections was one which had a lot of drama associated with it-Lalu Yadav’s sons gaining portfolios, Nitish Kumar winning again and the BJP’s loss by a huge margin-everything made great opinion-instigators for the fb user.

7. IPL and Cricket World Cup

World-cup_en-Source: wikipedia.orgSource: wikipedia.org

One of the most important(not to mention fun) things that holds the diverse Indians together is cricket. And the sport is something that consistently gets talked about in social media almost throughout the years. So, when it’s time for a major event like the Indian Premier League or better still, the World Cup, you know the buzz will hit insane levels.

6. Salman Khan


Salman Khan has Bajrangi Bhaijaan- one of the biggest hits of the year to his name. Aside from that the brand he endorses- Being Human saw a great run in 2015 . The year was one in which the actor re-affirmed his position as a bankable star even in the sea change that’s been happening in Bollywood with all the fresh faces rushing in every year. On the down side, the impending prison sentence was also something the actor grappled with in this year, a news that gave people a reason to take to Facebook.

5. Nepal earthquake

Nepal-earth-quake_Source: startribune.comSource: startribune.com

The earthquake that struck Nepal on 25 April, 2015 measured 7.8 in the Richter scale and claimed the lives of over 9,000 people, leaving some 23,000 injured. In other words, it was bad. Very bad. And Facebook users in India came together to show their support in Nepal’s time of crisis.

4. Bahubali: The Beginning


There was every reason for the film to become one of the top trending topics of the year- the pre release hype, the extravagant budget of Rs.120 Crore, the stunning visual spectacle which the trailers promised and of course,a pretty cool star cast. But the thing that made the social media really drool over the movie was the fact that it became the highest grossing Indian film within the country.

3. APJ Abdul Kalam


India lost one of its greatest minds in 2015. The ex- President and the veritable scientist was also a great humanitarian-factors about his personality which endeared him to millions during his lifetime. And when his demise came, people flocked to Facebook to express their sadness and also to share inspiring and undying quotes of Kalam.

2. E-commerce

E-commerce_Source: expertbeacon.comSource: expertbeacon.com

Not that the term e-commerce made people go to their page and post things. Not unless you are a business nerd. But the thing is e-commrce websites more than came of age in this year as they become some of the most visited sites in India. The usual suspects include Amazon, Snapdeal, Foodpanda, Myntra, Flipkart and Zomato. What this meant is people had a lot of reasons to share on FB about deals happening in these sites.

1. Narendra Modi


Ever since becoming the Prime Minister of the world’s largest democracy, Narendra Modi has appeared in images- both static and moving with a frequency that would give any celeb in the limelight a sense of dizziness. This presence was true in Facebook as well where such initiatives as Digital India campaign ensured that he became a topic of conversation among the net-savvy young Indians.

The thing is, trends give you a headrush for a couple of days- a buzz which sustains your interest for a period of time before fading away. At least, that’s the case with most trends. Though such an aspect is sometimes viewed as ‘unhealthy’ the fact remains that a trend enables a large population to discuss and learn about something that they completely would have missed.And on that regard, as this list show, we Indians mostly did good.

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