Top 5 Budget Friendly Backpacking Hostels in India

Staying in hostels don’t have the greatest reputation world over, as any budget traveler would have admitted. Crashing into a dormitory or a small hostel is a well-liked option for backpackers in many locations throughout the world. However, there are only quite a few number of backpacker boarding houses in India as the concept is still slow to catch on and lesser known to people. Fortunately, there has been a rise now in the concept of hostels that have caught people’s fancy and that are simply so warm and friendly. Here is a guide to some of the best backpacking homes in India:
1. Zostel

Locations: Jodhpur, Jaipur, Udaipur, Delhi, Goa, Agra and Varnasi.

Tariff Range: 700 – 2000 INR


zostel2Photo Courtesy:

Zostel, which was started very recently in 2013, is an upcoming chain of backpacker hostels in India. It’s one of the coolest destinations for backpackers, who are traveling on a budget and looking to meet like-minded people on their trips. With chains across multiple destinations  Zostel is redefining the hospitality industry.

It has a funky modern feel with dorm room that have approximately six and eight beds, different female-only rooms and also private rooms also made available at selected places. The rooms are well-maintained with ACs and wi-fi internet facilities and equipped with kitchens and a lounge with fun games and TV. The tariffs are very suitable to the pocket and you are sure to become a part of this revolution with just one visit.

One can book the rooms and check availability here.
2. Vedanta Wake Up!

Location: Vedanta Wake Up! is set up currently at five places in Kerala – Alleppey, Kovalam, Fort Kochi, Thekkady, Varkala and Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu.

Tariff Range: 280 – 1500 INR

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In 2011 , the first set of ‘Vedanta Wake Up’ hostels in Kerala was launched by two guys after quitting their high paying jobs. They have launched six hostels till now across South India. Actually marketed as a luxury backpacking hotel, it also has cheap dorm accommodations with four to eight bunk beds and private double rooms. Each of the branches has a lounge, which has WI-Fi internet, books, guitars, board games, TVs, maps and looks like a backpacking hostel.

The environment provided helps travelers meet one another at their various events such as planned travel, barbecue dinners, and musical nights.
3. Youth Hostels Association of India and Hosteling International

Location: Mostly all Indian tourist places

Tariff Range: 100 – 1000 INR


YHAIPhoto Courtesy:

The Youth Hostels Association of India is a charitable organisation, providing youth hostel accommodation in India. It is a member of the Hosteling International federation. The movement, which started in Germany, started its first youth hostel in Delhi in 1970. The YHAI chains provides affordable accommodations across the whole of India. It also organizes various adventure and educational events.There are membership options for YHAI, which will entitle you to stay at the hostels affiliated at a dirt cheap rates. Even non-members can avail their services directly with not much of a budget.

The list of the hostel across India can be found here. The main problem in staying at the youth hostels in India is they have a very institutional feel to them. There are many strict rules and lot of inconveniences like no smoking and drinking. The vibrant feel of a backpacking hostel cannot be found here and hence, foreigners shy away from this place. People looking for a cheap lodging in an unknown location in India can use the facilities of this old initiative.
4. International Travelers’ Hostel

Location: Varanasi

Tariff Range: 300 to 2000 INR

international-travellers1Photo Courtesy: and

International Traveler’s hostel has been thoughtfully planned for the global Travelers to the old city of Varanasi. There is a wide range of facilities available ranging from a basic Tent to air-conditioned Dorms to a Luxury Double Bedroom. The homely accommodation and unmatched hospitality offers backpackers lessons and experiences that are priceless.

The place is  a combination of value for money, safety, cleanliness and a friendly accommodation. The hostel is recreated in an ancestral house that has spanned nearly five generations. This multicultural home serves as a modern Youth Hostel and serves as a relaxing abode to the travelers after the long walks in the holy city of Kashi. The facilities provided here include unlimited pure drinking water, washrooms equipped with hot and cold water, a lounge with TV, books, computer and dining areas. There is a huge rooftop for a some peaceful time and to watch the sunset and sunrise.

More information and booking can be done on the website here.
5. Moustache Hostel

Location: Delhi and Jaipur

Tariff Range: 1200 to 2500 INR

moustache-hostel bon-moustache-hostel-tripadPhoto Courtesy:

Moustache is the most vibrant feature of most of India’s chaotic and culturally-rich cities. The Moustache hostel, hence is one of most decent backpacking hostels in India. It has beautiful trippy walls with groovy designs and is a unique place that has been created by backpackers for backpackers.

A out-of-world way to know Delhi, Moustache Hostel is located away from the main street and has a terrace to relax and see the city down under, a kitchen to cook your own food, a beautiful garden to have a conversation with fellow backpackers and read a book in peace. The basic comforts of Wi-Fi, locker facilties, clean rooms are provided at a very pocket friendly price. A designer hostel was opened this year in Jaipur, which is more attractive, posh and more comfortable.

So, the next time you travel on budget, you know where to stay!

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