5 Quick Facts About La Tomatina On Its 70th Anniversary!

After the movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, the tourism department of Spain has definitely seen a rise in the number of Indian tourists. Especially for the festivities like San Fermin and La Tomatina. Today being the last Wednesday of August,  which is when Tomatina is celebrated, we felt that you should know some of the crazy or rather interesting facts about the event whose fame has captured the world’s attention:

1. The reason why it is celebrated is still unknown?

www.worldrest.euCourtesy: worldrest.eu

All we know is that it was a tradition to throw tomatoes out of rage at anyone. Be it a local fight or trying to raise your voice against a dictator, tomatoes were used to show hatred. Now they are just thrown for fun.

2. The start of the festivity needs a guy to climb a pole.

youngsaroundtheworldCourtesy: youngsaroundtheworld.com

The original festivity began only when a guy would be successful enough, in climbing a greasy pole and bring down a loaf of pork which is tied atop the pole. With the event becoming a major tourist attraction, a bell is rung marking the start of the event. Sounds much like our Krishna Jayanthi festivities doesn’t it!?

3. The festival lasts only an hour.

darkroom.baltimoresunCourtesy: darkroom.baltimoresun.com

Surprisingly, that’s how long the festival actually lasts. From 11 am to 12 pm, you are hit by tomatoes that arrive in 5 trucks. And it is more than enough. So if you are travelling to Spain just for the fest, we suggest you have a better plan.

4. Spaniards hardly attend the event

www.independent.co.ukCourtesy: independent.co.uk

Even though it’s a tradition for the locals, this fest has seen lesser Spaniards and more tourists over the years. The only time you would see locals is when they hose you down (no pun intended) or help you with a bucket of water to wash away the stink.

5. Tomato based dishes are still served after the event.

kinsfarmmarketCourtesy: kinsfarmmarket.com

Interestingly, the food stalls that are filled with crazy folks do tend to serve food which have a tomato base in them. Unless you are a person who can eat pork or any other meat-based dish, you would have to eat only bruschetta and it’s not a nice feeling at all. Better to carry some chips or snacks along!

So have you been to the event yet or do you plan to go?

 Feature Image Courtesy: eventmagazine.townscript.com


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