19 Lesser Known Facts About Dhoni You Probably Didn’t Know

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It’s hard to imagine ‘Captain Cool’ grappling with a mid-life crisis. He just turned 34 today, so even if push comes to shove, he has time to deal with things, we think. For the time being, we wish the man born in Ranchi a great(er) long life. Meanwhile, check out these lesser known facts about Dhoni that’ll blow your mind.

1. Dhoni’s Ranji Trophy début was for Bihar in 1999 as an eighteen year old.

Ranji-Trophy-_-Source: icricketbuzz.comSource: icricketbuzz.com


2. In his ODI debut in 2004 against Bangladesh, Dhoni was run out in the first ball.

3. Apparently, Dhoni’s earlier hairstyle was in imitation of his favourite film star, John Abraham.

hairstyle-_-Source: thecricketmonthly.comSource: thecricketmonthly.com


4. He used to be the goalkeeper for his school football team. He was sent to try out for a local cricket club by his football coach.


5. Dhoni used to be a Train Ticket Examiner(TTE) at Kharagpur Railway Station from 2001 to 2003.


6. The East Zone squad that won the Deodhar Trophy in 2003/4 with Dhoni in the team had earlier rejected him for his ‘unconventional style of playing.’


7. As per Forbes magazine, Dhoni’s net worth is $30 million- that’s more than that of Sachin Tendulkar.

Forbes-_-Source: lityeralindia.comSource: lityeralindia.com


8. He is the only Indian cricket team captain to lead his country to victory in all the major ICC tournaments: 20-20 world cup(2007), 50 over World Cup(2011) and the Champion’s Trophy(2013).


9. He is the highest income tax payer in Jharkhand. He paid a tax of Rs. 20 Crore in 2013-2014 which made him the highest individual tax payer in Bihar and Jharkhand region for the 6th consecutive year.


10. Aside from cricket, his passion is for fast bikes and cars- 23 bikes and counting, cars including Audi Q7 and Hummer H2.

Car-_-Source: team-bhp.comSource: team-bhp.com


11. It was Sachin Tendulkar who in 2007 recommended MS Dhoni as India’s captain.


12. In 2011 the Indian Territorial Army conferred him with the honorary rank of Lt Colonel.

Army-_-Source: dailyexcesior.comSource: dailyexcesior.com


13. He’s the only Indian player to win the ICC Player of the Year award twice.


14. Chennai Super Kings got Dhoni on board for $1.5 Million-making him the most expensive IPL player for the first season auctions.

Chennai-Super-Kings-_-Source: espncricinfo.comSource: espncricinfo.com


15. He’s the only captain in ODI history to hit a century coming in at 7th position. This was in December 2012, against Pakistan.


16. The only Indian with more number of brand endorsements than Dhoni is Shahrukh Khan.

endorsement-_-Source: rhiti-sports.comSource: rhiti-sports.com


17. With Telugu film star Akkineni Nagarjuna, he owns a Supersport World Championship team called ‘Mahi Racing Team India.’


18. He is the Indian player with the record of the most no: of catches in an innings- six catches in the first inningst of a test match against New Zealand in April 2009.


19. The ‘helicopter shot’ which is his trademark shot was taught to him by former Jharkhand cricketer, Santhosh Lal.

helicopter-_-Source: espncricinfo.comSource: espncricinfo.com

With cricket being a religion in the country, such cool characters as Dhoni are always sure to be idolized. However, it’s hard to imagine coming along with the same levels of integrity as this man. These lesser known facts about Dhoni are testimonials to a career of achievements.

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