Piers Morgan Vs Sehwag Twitter Battle Has Turned Into A Bet And The Whole Nation Wants A Part In It

It all started post Rio Olympics when Piers Morgan tried to troll Indians for celebrating just 2 Medals.

It didn’t take much longer for Indian celebrities to counter his tweets, among which Virender Sehwag took the cake.


But their twitter battle is no where in the sights of a truce. Last night England Cricket Team shattered Pakistan scoring a record breaking 444 Runs in an ODI, surpassing Sri Lanka’s 443. That led to Piers Morgan’s over-confident tweet and this time he has proposed a bet.



Sehwag’s response is yet to come but on behalf of all Indians this tweet is suffice.


Though he deleted it but has openly admitted he tweeted it and keeps on challenging Sehwag.

Piers Morgan Vs Sehwag : Game On