15 Quotes On Rahul Dravid That Explain Why He Is Irreplaceable

Every time Cricket greats are discussed, most people begin the conversation with comparison between Don Bradman and Sachin Tendulkar. Their stats prove that nobody comes even close to them and no cricket fan can argue with that! But a game is not about just numbers, it’s about passion, consistency, adapting, evolving and emerging victorious even in the most adverse conditions. Fondly know as The Wall, Dravid has defined perfection and consistency in the best way possible. The whole cricket fraternity has praised his artful batting and his Gentleman-ship. Here is a compilation of best quotes that explain why “The Wall” of Indian cricket is irreplaceable!

But before you start scrolling down, let’s admire this shot one more time.



“Best Quotes on Rahul Dravid!”


1. One of the greatest Australian captains on Dravid!

rahul dravid quotes15

2. One of the few cricketers with no haters.

rahul dravid quotes2

3. Even the most feared bowler feared his batting!

rahul dravid quotes4

4.No superlatives are enough for this man.

rahul dravid quotes5

5. The most destructive batsman in the world on ‘The Wall’

rahul dravid quotes8

6. A complete cricketer and a thorough Gentleman.

rahul dravid quotes6

7. “The Fortress” of talent.

rahul dravid quotes7

8. There’s a reason why there can’t be another Dravid, McGrath explains why!

rahul dravid quotes3

9. Not just Lara, every cricket fan would choose Dravid.

rahul dravid quotes9

10. Even the ‘God of Cricket’ was a fan!

rahul dravid quotes13

11. Batting, bowling, Keeping the wickets, Captaincy. He has done everything for his team.

rahul dravid quotes10

12. The real definition of Aggression.

rahul dravid quotes11

13. One Legend on another!

rahul dravid quotes12

14. The ‘Go to’ guy of Indian cricket!

rahul dravid quotes14

15. If this is not the definition of simplicity, I don’t know what is!

rahul dravid quotes

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