9 Valid Reasons Why Pakistan Should Play In IPL

Pakistani players have been barred from participating in the IPL since the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks. They only took part in the first edition of the event, but since then they have been kept out for different reasons. One of the reasons being the political uncertainty between the two countries. The chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has admitted that the participation of country’s players in the IPL is not possible due to security concerns of the T20 event’s franchises. While the political differences continue between the two countries,  cricket fans around the world still hope to see Pakistani players in IPL . Here are some valid reasons why Pakistan should play in IPL –

1. Pakistan has produced some of the best T20 players in the world.

Shahid Afridi, Umar Gul, Ahmed Shehzad, Shoaib Malik, Sohail Tanvir, the list is endless.

Source: iplt20.com 

2. If they can allow Coaches/mentors and Commentators from Pakistan, why not cricketers?

Wasim Akram and Ramiz Raza have played important roles as Coach and commentator.

Source: deccanchronicle.com 

3. It is unfair to the Cricket Lovers!

Imagine watching AB De Villiers, Chris Gayle and Shahid Afridi playing in the same tournament.

Source : crazycricinfo.blogspot.com
Source: crazycricinfo.blogspot.com

4. If Pakistan can play in India in World Cups, why not in IPL?

After 2008 attacks, IPL barred players from Pakistan to play in India. By that logic, Pakistan should have not played in the 2011 World Cup also.

Source : ndtv.com
Source: ndtv.com 

5. It’d make the Asia Cup even more interesting and competitive.

Considering that Asia Cup has adopted the T20 format, it would become even more competitive if Pakistan plays in IPL.

Source : dnaindia.com
Source: dnaindia.com

 6. If players from Pakistan with different citizenship can play IPL why not others?

Azhar Mahmood and Imran Tahir who are basically from Pakistan but now has British and African citizenship respectively, are playing in the current IPL.

Source: cricketcountry.com
Source: cricketcountry.com

 7. It could open a new chapter of Bilateral ties between India and Pakistan.

However the news is, India-Pakistan are set to restore cricket ties resuming from December.

Source : cricketcountry.com
Source: cricketcountry.com

  8. It is Unfair to the game of Cricket.

On one hand, IPL boasts of being on of the biggest tournaments in the world, on the other hand, they don’t allow neighbors to participate. How unfair is this?

Source: espncricinfo.com
Source: espncricinfo.com

9. People from Pakistan are allowed to enter every field in India, then why not IPL?

From Tv shows to movies to playback singing. We welcome them in every field then why not in IPL.

Source : tribune.com.pk
Source: tribune.com.pk

With India-Pakistan all set to restore cricket ties resuming from December, as cricket fans we can only hope to see players from Pakistan being the part of IPL Addition 9.

Do you think players from Pakistan should be allowed to play in IPL?

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