20 Things That Prove You’re True Delhiite

Dilwaalon ki Delhi! That’s what we adoringly call our favourite city. They say that this place has more history and more stories than all other cities in the country. Once you fall in love with Delhi, you can’t live anywhere else. Let’s find out all the things that make anybody who has embraced this city a true Delhiite.

1. Yo Yo Honey Singh is your jam

punetangMedia Courtesy: Punetang

And you’re proud of it. You especially love it when it’s playing at the club or blasting from your car speakers at night.


2. You shop at Sarojini

scooppickMedia Courtesy: Scooppick

And tell your friends that your clothes are all from your last trip to the States. Win Win.

3. You have your special Hindi dialect.

giphyMedia Courtesy: Giphy

Like kebab-shabab, daaru-shaaru, uncle-wuncle… you get the drift.

4. “Tu jaanta nahi main kaun hoon!”

topyapsMedia Courtesy: Topyaps

If every Delhiite had a rupee for every single time he heard another Delhiite say this, he would be a millionaire.

5. “Paanch rupay mein de do, bhaiyya!”

gosswossMedia Courtesy: Gosswoss

Starting from the aunty wearing a nightie and a dupatta at the local sabzi mandi, bargaining for some extra dhaniya to the girl at Sarojini who will bargain on a dress worth Rs 300, Delhiites love to haggle.

6. Sweltering summers

agentsofguardMedia Courtesy: agentsofguard

You’re not a true Delhiite until you’ve lived through at least a couple of Delhi summers. Don’t bother about exercising during the summer months here, you’re going to sweat off half your body weight just by breathing.

7. Winter is Coming!

tumblr_nobtq3DmoK1qayehlo5_r1_500Media Courtesy: Tumblr

On the other end of the spectrum lies the freezing Delhi winters. If you haven’t armed yourself with thick woolens, at least a couple of wind blazers, three to five blankets, and plenty of woolen socks by November at the latest, then you’re not a true Delhiite.

8. You’ve spent your hipster moments in the Hauz Khaus village

tumblrMedia Courtesy: Tumblr

Complete with hipster glasses and an ironic quotes-tshirt.

9. You’ve partied at a farmhouse

indiaforumsMedia Courtesy: Bollypop

And you probably knew the host.

10. Butter chicken kahan hai? 

scpckMedia Courtesy: Scooppick

Lunch is basically incomplete without butter chicken.

11. Random road trips

tumlrMedia Courtesy: Tumblr

Shimla? Manali? Rishikesh? Kasol? Jaipur? Agra? Just name it. Let’s just gear up those bikes and go.

12. You’re involved in intense campus wars

indiafMedia Courtesy: Tumblr

Which can actually turn political most of the times.

13. Protests at Jantar Mantar or India Gate

rdbMedia Courtesy: Youtube

Candlelight march anyone?

14. The Supremely Amazing Delhi Metro

Delhi_MetroImage Courtesy: Wikipedia

Every single Delhiite has bragged about this piece of miracle that saves the lives of hundreds of commuters everyday from the crazy traffic rush of the city. Basically what local trains are to Mumbai, the metro is to Delhi.

15. You head to Karim’s or Paranthewali gali for some yum paranthes

india-forumsMedia Courtesy: India-forums

With dollops of butter. And not to forget the elaichi chai near Safdarjung.

16. Browsing the swanky malls

aishaMedia Courtesy: Youtube

Although when it comes to the actual shopping you prefer the street vendors of Sarojini and Khan Market, but every true Delhiite knows to flaunt those bargain clothes at all these posh malls like Citywalk, Emporio, Promenade, and Ambience Mall.

17. “Bhaaai, Toottaaaaa”

aliceintimbuktooMedia Courtesy: Aliceintimbuktoo

Let’s face it. If you’re a true Delhiite, you’ve either said those words (or maybe some other variations of it), or have had them spoken about you.

18. You’ve judged everybody

emliMedia Courtesy: Bollygif

And bitched about everybody. And have had everybody judge and bitch about you too. That’s how we roll in the Capital city.

19. You’re in love with Arvind Kejriwal

indiaMedia Courtesy: India.com

Let’s invite him everywhere – school functions, college ceremonies, my baby nephew’s mundan ceremony. We want more Kejriwal!

20. Drunken Bar Brawls

newlovetimesMedia Courtesy: newlovetimes

Or catfights. Admit it, if you’re a true Delhiite you have gotten yourself in either of those two situations, probably after having one too many drinks. So what are the other truly Delhi things unique to this city that you know about?

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