Things We’d Do At These 15 Destinations Which Our PM Narendra Modi Went To!

Our dear Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been travelling around the world supposedly garnering international interest in India. But the list of countries our PM has been visiting is a travel buff’s wet dream come true! Australia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Fiji, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan,Malaysia,Mauritius, Mongolia, Myanmar, Russia, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Uzbekistan and twice to Nepal, Singapore, United States. Modi has flown to up to 30 countries in just over a year! Truth be told however in the middle of all the diplomacy, we don’t think he’s really making the best use of it. Which is why we decided to list out all the awesome things we’d do at these 15 destinations our PM Narendra Modi went to!

1. China

upload-wikimediaIf we were ever given the chance to go China. We’d gorge on Chinese food, go shopping and most of all run around the ‘Great Wall’ screaming wheee!

2. South Korea

2-bp-blogspotSouth Korea might be known for a variety of things but nothing has put them in the spotlight like their many rom com TV shows and their K-pop bands. We’ll be drooling over the K-pop ladies for sure!

3. Canada

theglobeandmailCanadians are supposed to be some of the nicest people on the planet. And if anything makes kind people kinder, hundrier and more fun, it’s the good green. We’ll time ourselves to land at the land of maple syrup just when their annual marijuana day happens and sneak in on the PM’s flight!

4. Malaysia

f1fanaticMalaysia’s Sepang Formula 1 track is a sight to behold and if we were anywhere in the vicinity we’d run to this precise track to watch some of the fastest machines in the world tear some tarmac! Vroom Vroom!


5. Brazil

funnyphotoBrazil is the land of beaches and babes and we don’t need more reasons than that to go visit these wonderful people. However, another exemplary Brazilian thing to try out is their annual Carnival. So we’d head thetre right when the festivities are in full bloom.

6. Japan

barefootglobal-files-wordpressThe Japanese with their penchant for the weird and wonderful have a wonderfully unique culture. However, what we’d love to check out besides the weird food, sumo and other strange customs will be the many cosplay gatherings where Japanese youth try to mirror their favourite animes as best as they can!

7. Bangladesh

i-dailymail_1Apparently you can go fishing in Bangladesh by using otters to do the fishing for you! Do you need to hear any more! That’s basically catching one animal using another bigger animal! Say whaaaa!

8. Bhutan

tigersnestbhutanThe Tiger Nest monastery in Bhutan is the perfect retreat if you want to step away from the crowd and do some deep reflection. Nothing beats this particularly monastery when it comes to providing you that space perfect for some soul searching meditation.

9. Fiji

takimaiThis archipelago of islands besides being home to some of the most pristine beaches on the planet is also home to an indigenous drink called Kava which can get you pretty high! So dear PM what say next time we stop over and get blinding buzzed!

10. France

i-ytimgParis is by far the most romantic destination on this list. Sadly our single PM has no better or worse half to share in the love with. Which is why we suggest, just as we would that he head to the Louvre. The Louvre museum contains some of the best artworks from around the world and it’d be good for the PM and us to get used to other countries and their cultures.

11. Germany

link2abroadGermany they say, Oktober fest we think. Nothing spells Germany like that beautiful tradition of their when they guzzle beer with vehemence over the course of a few days in October, aptly naming it Oktoberfest. We’d head to this beer laden heaven anytime we could!

12. Ireland

bemirelandWhile the Irish are famous for being drunks and poets. Ireland has our fancy now, thanks to it being the setting for many of the shots in the famous TV show ‘Game Of Thrones’. What we’d give to go there and walk the same roads which Jon Snow once took and will never take again. Or will he?!

13. Kazhakstan

bizcore-pbworksIf we ever go to Kazhakstan, we’d head to the Shybulak ski resort and shred some serious snow. Everything from skiing to snowboarding is on the menu and we cant wait to go tumbling around in the snow!

14. Australia

s-media-cache-ak0-pinimgAustralia might be hot and filled with things that mainly want to kill you. But they do have awesome beer, kangaroo meat and best of all the ‘Great Barrier Reef’. To scuba dive around this marvel of the sea would be dream come true. Ain’t it, mate?

15. Dubai

cache-graphicslib-viatorDubai besides being the second home of Malayalees is also one of the most affluent tourist destinations on the planet. We’d head here and shop in all the glitzy malls till our feet drops!

 Featured Image Credit – Unreal Times
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