6 Unique Diwali DIY Gifts That You Can Make In A Jiffy!

Happy Diwali folks! So, if you are still pondering over what is that unique gift you can give your near and loved ones, we have decided to come to your rescue at just the nick of time! With Diwali tomorrow, you still have plenty time to make one of these unique and exciting Diwali gifts that take only simple materials and very little of your time, don’t believe us!? Just take a look:

1. Candle Holders

Did you know you can save on money and make stunning tea light holders with just bangles and glue!? Well, yes you can! They look unique, are personal and are gifts that people won’t be able to find in shops. Here is how you go about it, watch the simple video and get inspired:

2. Decorative Tray

Nothing looks more dazzling than diyas or candles lovingly displayed on a nice tray or plate. Now, don’t you fret with shopping for copper plates or other such expensive options. A simple and neat trick would be to convert a plate (plastic) into a lovely tray. Wondering how? Simply take a look at our DIY tutorial on the same.

3. Dangler Rockets

If you are in the mood to jazz up your work desk or home or gift something fun and unique to your friends, then look no further. Here is how you can create blazing rocket danglers with nothing more than some paper and glue. Take a look at the simple DIY video on how to make these and impress your friends and family this Diwali!

4. Table Lamp

Diwali is also known as the Festival of Lights and nothing is more lovely as a gift than a lamp, traditionally this makes diyas and other items such as silver lamps a popular gifting option. However, don’t you think your family and friends will appreciate something hand-made and personal a whole lot more? Of course they will, which is why we present to you a simple and unique DIY video to help create a stunning table lamp.

5. Decorative Candles

You can make your own candles and that too by recycling waste products such as bottle caps! They look attractive and like plenty fun, take a look at this effective and easy DIY video to do it yourself! The best Diwali gift is an environment friendly one.

6. Decorative Festival Tray

Be it to display diyas or to present sweets or maybe simply for décor, festive time demands that you have a decorative tray. Instead of buying a predictable tray available at the store nearest to you, here is how you can create your own with an MDF board, metal handles, stencils and some paint.


We hope you enjoyed our DIY videos, stay tuned for more! We wish you a happy and safe Diwali!


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